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Dext multiple currencies support guide

Does Dext support multiple currencies? Yes, it does. Most of our bookkeeping clients use the standard currency Pound Sterling in Xero or their other accounting software but if you do require a Dext multiple currencies option, Dext does support and integrate these requirements.

How to set up multiple currencies in Dext

Head to the integration settings in Dext where you’ll find a button called ‘Publish multiple currencies’.

If you do have the multiple currency package set up, turn the button to ON so that Dext can automatically convert any international currencies into your base currency.

Dext uses fixed conversion rates to the day that an item is dated. You may experience discrepancies with amounts once the data is in the software. However, once it has published into the software, you can go in (in the same way you would do with all your invoices and bills), go to bill options and edit if necessary to tweak the amounts if there are any currency issues.

Without the Xero multiple currencies package

If you don’t have the multiple currencies package, it is best to turn ‘Publish multiple currencies’ off. Left on, Dext will try to publish your receipts in US Dollars. This will lead to a conversion difference when they are published in the software.

So, if you don’t have the multiple currency option, we would recommend manually processing those invoices through Dext rather than having auto publish rules. This will ensure that the currency conversion is correct when it does go through the software.

Count On Cardens

Cardens Accountants is a Dext Partner which means that if you choose a Dext package through us, you won’t be limited by the number of users who can access your account. Plus, we have access to discounted prices on all Dext packages. To find out more, please head to our Dext service page or contact your usual Cardens team to get started.

  • Shannon Crooks, Assistant Manager, Bookkeeping


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