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Dext (formerly Receipt Bank) enables our clients to transform the way they capture, store and track their business receipts, bank statements, invoices and more.

Put simply, Dext saves you time on manual processes. It’s affordable, efficient and easy to use: if you can take a picture on your phone, you can use Dext. Just take a snap of all the important data, send on the go and get on with your day.

Dext mobile app

Why we love Dext

We use Dext for our bookkeeping clients to easily collect paperwork and automate the way this information is passed into cloud accounting software.

We love Dext because it attaches a copy of the receipt to every transaction in your cloud accounting software so no more piles of paperwork and filing! No paperwork or dropping off documents: an extremely quick process that fits with today’s business needs.

Fed up with chasing suppliers or your accountant nagging you for paperwork? You’re in control with Dext. The app records the paperwork and extracts the data ready for posting into your cloud accounting software. This can significantly cut down the time you spend doing bookkeeping.

Manage who can use your business account and how. Basic users have access to the camera and can add a note. Therefore, it’s extremely hard to break something while accessing what you need. Dext has also made it easy to invite your accountant or bookkeeper to your Dext so you can start collaborating straight away.  

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Talk to one of our Dext experts to see if this could work for you. Please call on 01273 739592 or email .

‘The time I wasted on my invoices, I can now focus on actual business!’- (User)


Q. How does Dext work?

A. Dext converts those annoying bits of paper – receipts, bank statements, bills and invoices – into data that you and your company can use!

Q. How do I keep a record of items in Dext?

A. Capture and record paperwork by taking a photo with the app or forward items to your unique Dext email address. The software will extract key information from submitted documents then record it as data in your Dext inbox, which you can either export as a csv. or publish to your cloud accounting software.

Q. What information does Dext extract from receipts and invoices?

A. The key data including the name of the supplier, the date, the invoice number, the currency, tax, the total amount and even more!

Q. How do I set up different user permissions on my account?

A. Use the ‘Maintain Users’ tab in the ‘Account Settings’ page to add or remove users and specify which individuals can view, edit and export data.

Q. How do I choose the right plan for my business?

A. Dext provides a three-tier pricing plan to cater to different business needs: Business, Business Plus and Premium Dext. They are differentiated by features, usage limits and pricing. The top tier plans are aimed more towards larger businesses with high volumes of data and multiple individuals requiring access. Cardens can advise you on which plan would best suit your business.

Q. How can my accountant view my data?

A. You can easily invite your accounting or bookkeeping firm to view your data at no extra cost. We’ve included an ‘Invite your accountant’ button on the homepage so you can easily invite and add your accountant to start collaborating.

Q. Do I still need to keep the original paperwork for HMRC?

A. HMRC has stated that retaining digital records is sufficient so once the invoice or receipt is added into Dext there is no need to keep it. Think of the space you could save when you don’t have to keep 6 years of paperwork in a safe place in case HMRC want to investigate! Dext acts as a data vault for all the information and even if you later cancel your subscription you will still have access to the data.

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