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Our Corporate clients are those with a turnover of over £2 million in any type of business or assets of over £5 million.

Sussex businesses trust Cardens’ corporate accounting services to look after all their tax accounting and audit matters. Whether you’re a single entity or a group, we’ll agree with you the services you need from us, quote accordingly and stick to it. Your affairs will be handled or overseen by a partner, with specialist managers to handle tax and audits, and regular meetings to ensure we stay on top of matters.

Audits have become an increasingly regulated area, so as a firm we are ourselves regularly ‘auditied’ to ensure the quality of the work we do and have invested in leading software to help to spot anomalies in accounting data and add value to our audits.

What we can do:

Who we do it for:

  • Businesses with turnovers between £2m and £40m
    Smaller? See our Business services
  • All types of business, but specialist accountants for:
    • media / new media / marketing
    • property developers / estate agencies / lettings agencies
    • professional services firms
    • construction related trades
    • wholesalers and retailers
    • property investors

How we do it:

  • With fixed fees, not fat fees – however long it takes
  • A quick turnaround
  • Regular meetings
  • Looking for ways to reduce your tax bill
  • Offering only the services you need
  • Partner or client manager oversight
  • Sound advice in plain English

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