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Cardens A-Z Guide of Business Expenses You Can Claim: F is for…


You can claim the full cost of air travel if the purpose of your journey is solely for business reasons. If your journey is for mixed purposes (as in both business and private), then you can only claim any costs that you can clearly separate from the private part of your journey. If you can’t separate the journey, you can’t claim any of the costs.


If you have no employees you are not able to claim food and drink expenses you incur while working from home or in your usual office space.

However if you do have employees you can provide basics such as tea, coffee and biscuits, or provide a free canteen for all which you can claim tax relief for.

As a self-employed person or have a mobile business, you are allowed to claim the cost of very little food and drink you buy when you’re out and about on business.

FREEAGENT (and other software packages)

You can claim the cost of using a package like Freeagent for your business accounts, find out more at our free event next week Tuesday 24th September:

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