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Dext Commerce Guide for E-Commerce Businesses

If you are a user of Dext Prepare, you will already be familiar with Dext’s smart automation tools and real-time accurate data to process all your purchase invoices and receipts. Now you can do the same with your sales data in Dext Commerce.

If you sell goods or services through e-commerce retailers, merchants and marketplaces you can integrate Dext Commerce to automatically extract the key financial data and import it into your accounting system such as Xero or Quickbooks.

What are e-commerce platforms?

An e-commerce platform enables a business to sell products and services online. Dext currently has connections with most of these large sites, including:

  • Amazon
  • Stripe
  • Shopify
  • Etsy
  • Not On The Highstreet
  • Woo Commerce

…and many more. Plus, they are adding new connections each month!

How does Dext Commerce work?

Link up Dext to your digital commerce platform to begin automatically importing the sales and fees data. Once the data is in Dext, it will auto-extract the details of that sale including Total Amount, Tax Amount, Line item details, Payment Method, and any related fees. You can then review & publish that data to be reconciled against the income; or once you are confident, setup auto-publish to get the data going straight from point of sale to your accounting software.

Why should I use it?

  • Fewer Errors

Up until now, we have had to rely on manual entries (which can lead to human error and inaccuracies) or integration links directly between the e-commerce site and the accounting platform. By using Dext commerce, you’ll receive data consistently from each platform that you sell through.

  • Cost Effective

Many of the existing integrations will charge you a monthly fee to connect their platform to your accounting software, which can become quite expensive if you sell through multiple sites. Dext Commerce allows you to connect as many platforms as you require all for one price.

  • One System

Dext Commerce acts as a central hub that tidies up and sorts all the data from each e-commerce site before publishing into your accounting software. This means you only have to learn one system and your data will be imported consistently.

  • Fast and Accurate

Data is extracted on a daily basis, so your accounts are always up to date, accurate, and Making Tax Digital compliant.

Count On Cardens

If you sell through an e-commerce platform, Dext Commerce is a must have tool to cut down on your processing time and provide you with more accurate data, giving you more time to focus on your business’ needs. Please get in touch with a member of Cardens today and we can get you set up with your Dext Account.


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