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Xero: Accounting made easy

Xero has completely changed the way we are able to work with clients. Before, we worked with historic data, so most of my day was taken up with telling clients how much tax they owe. Now, we can access their live data and provide real time business assistance. This includes up to date management accounts, so clients can celebrate successes and act on issues, as well as budgeting and cashflow forecasting to quickly identify growth opportunities.

Xero Benefits

Xero has completely changed the way our team are able to work with clients. Before, we worked with historic data, so most of my day was taken up with telling clients how much tax they owe. Now, we can access their live data to provide:

  • Real time business assistance
  • Up-to-date management accounts, so clients can celebrate successes and act on issues
  • Budgeting and cashflow forecasting to quickly identify growth opportunities
  • And more…

Why Choose Cardens

We do like to think of ourselves as Xero experts, but we understand that it may sound like marketing spin! If you would like to speak to any of our Xero team, you’ll quickly see how geeky we are about it. For assurance, we are a Xero Platinum Partner (the highest level you can get) and we work hard to make sure our staff are fully certified with all the latest training to call themselves experts.
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What do our customers think?

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Jennie – London

I’ve been a Cardens customer now for three years. Over the past couple of years, my business started to grow quite quickly, and I needed…Read More

Cardens Xero specialists

Please click each team profile to view their Xero expertise and interests.

James Phillips

James Phillips

Associate Partner

In my 20 years as an accountant, the single, most positive change to the way we work and interact with our clients was and still is Xero. Since its introduction in the UK, Cardens and myself have been using Xero to the benefit of our clients. We provide training to help our clients reduce the time it takes to do their bookkeeping. Our team ensures that Xero produces more accurate and timely reports to help track business performance and make key business decisions for the future. Over the years, I have built up and maintained my Xero knowledge to help advise and guide my clients on how to make the most of this game changing accounting software.

Shannon Crooks

Shannon Crooks

Bookkeeping Manager

I was a little skeptical of Xero at first, having come from a background of working with desktop software, but it didn’t take me long to become hooked with this cloud accounting software. Now you can find me bragging about it to everyone I meet – even my family who have no bookkeeping knowledge know the inner workings of Xero! What I love most is how intuitive Xero is, making it quick & easy to learn and find helpful guides for anything you are unsure about on their extensive support site. Plus, I’m always looking for ways to support clients to make the transition to Xero as smooth as possible, from creating Cardens guides, training videos and hosting live webinars.

Carol Rigby

Carol Rigby


It’s been over a decade since I first stumbled across Xero. After attending their first UK conference in 2012, I realised what a game changing bit of software this was going to be. Over the years I have literally completed hundreds of Xero training sessions and set ups. I love Xero so much that all my clients apart from a few use it. I also have extensive experience of other software that you can link up to Xero as I help my clients use the technology available to make their lives easier and get better information on their finances.

Michael Bates

Michael Bates

Management Accountant

Having started my career in a paper office using mainly accounting software and Sage, being introduced to Xero was a breath of fresh air. Searching for accounting queries and figures was suddenly as simple as a quick search, rather than looking through lines of transactions. My appreciation of Xero has grown in my role as a management accountant. Xero’s bookkeeping and reporting features are simple to understand and are effective for producing informative reports to our clients. The constant evolution of Xero and its third-party app support has greatly increased our capacity to assist clients in varying data gathering and reporting needs – another benefit to traditional accounting software. All of this is supported by an interactive and informative training program which has helped me become more efficient in my use of Xero. I couldn’t recommend Xero more highly!

“I now manage my own mini portfolio of management accounts clients. Management accounts was an ideal position when I first joined Cardens.”

Cassie Jameson

Cassie Jameson

Bookkeeper and Xero Trainer

I have been working in Xero since qualifying as a bookkeeper two years ago. It is a slick and easy to use tool that helps make bookkeeping tasks simpler and quicker to complete. I love how intuitive Xero is, this is something all the clients I train in the software comment on. Once you have been shown the basics it really is easy to navigate and work across all aspects of bookkeeping. The cloud-based tool has been invaluable during these covid times allowing for flexibility across both home and office working.

I find it refreshing to work with a software company which actively looks to improve functionality and user experience.  I had the opportunity to trial a new bank reconciliation interface where my feedback contributed to the final update, allowing users to toggle their interface depending on preference. It’s this active listening and attention to detail to make life simpler that stands out and I enjoy sharing these updates with my colleagues and clients.


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