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A Beginners Guide to Claiming the Employment Allowance

The Employment Allowance (EA) is a £5,000 allowance set against employers National Insurance Contributions (NICs) and must be claimed each tax year if the employer…Read More

 Company vs. Sole Trader/Partnership: Pros & cons  

One of the first major decisions you will have to make as you start your new business is the form of legal entity it will…Read More

Tax guide to Enveloped Dwellings returns and revaluations

The Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) was introduced in April 2012. It is charged where certain residential properties are owned within a corporate structure.…Read More

Spring Statement 2022 Summary

Mounting costs for all of us forced the UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak to deliver a more extensive Spring Statement this March than first envisaged. Although…Read More

Guide to buying electric company cars

When it comes to buying a company car, there are more advantages to purchasing fully electric vehicles for two reasons: The car attracts 100% relief…Read More

HMRC Encourages more Employers to Payroll Benefits in Kind

HMRC are encouraging more employers to payroll employee benefits in kind rather than declaring benefits on the end of year P11D. They have included guidance…Read More

Valentine’s Tax Benefits! – Saying ‘I do’

As couples around the UK celebrate Valentine’s Day, for those who are considering if it is the right time to pop the question, the ICAEW…Read More

Making Tax Digital and minimising cybercrime

Making Tax Digital is a crucial part of the government’s proposal to help make it easier for individuals and businesses to get their tax correct…Read More

Dext Commerce Guide for E-Commerce Businesses

If you are a user of Dext Prepare, you will already be familiar with Dext’s smart automation tools and real-time accurate data to process all…Read More

Switching Accountants: What are you waiting for?

Switching accountants can be tricky, and in busy times it’s easier to avoid disruptions and keep your head down. But, could indecision be holding your…Read More

Reimbursing Fuel for Company cars from 1 December 2021

As the result of recent increases in fuel prices, HMRC have increased the advisory fuel rates that apply for the reimbursement of employees’ private fuel…Read More

Xero Me Guide: Payroll and expenses simplified

Xero Me is an app for employees of businesses that use Xero to process payroll. The great news is that employees can now use this…Read More

GUIDE: Recovery Loan Fund for Charities & Social Enterprise

Charities and social enterprises that have been operating for a minimum of two years can now apply to the Recovery Loan Fund. Loans can be…Read More

Ellie Ellie Case Study

From 2012, Danielle Plowman has watched her award-winning gift brand Ellie Ellie grow and evolve. Their brand ethos, which is to bring people together through…Read More

Cardens Charity Quiz 2021

Cardens’ charity quiz returned in 2021 for an evening of quizzing and catching up with friends and clients. After skipping a year in 2020 due…Read More

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