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My apprenticeship at Cardens Accountants

Apprentice Bookkeeper Luke Wells joined Cardens Accountants in October 2020. As part of National Apprentice Week 2021: Build The Future, Luke shares his journey as an apprentice so far to promote the benefits of this path into the finance industry.

[C] Hi Luke! You spent a week with Cardens at the end of 2019 while you were at high school. How did that come about?

[L] My sister’s school had a list of apprenticeship providers, so I got in contact with Cardens about a placement. My college provided the careers information that I needed but I secured the work experience placement myself.

[C] You’ve mentioned keeping in contact with Cardens. What advice would you give to others about using contacts to hopefully find work experience or an apprenticeship? How often would you drop an email, for example?

[L] Yes, I stayed in contact with Gill (HR manager at Cardens) through the summer after my work placement. I exchanged an email every month or two, so my main advice is to make sure they know that you are still interested in the placement.  

[C] Did you feel pressure to go to university and did you ever consider that as an option?

[L] No, I didn’t consider university. My mum went but my dad did not, so I didn’t feel pressure to choose one way or another. Plus, it is not a prerequisite for accountants to go to uni unlike other careers. Of course, there is the party life side to university, but I can visit friends (during normal times) and enjoy that side too. I got to know others who were doing well in apprenticeships so that inspired me in part to take this route. I did feel that there was a slight push toward university at college, but I chose my own path in the end.  

[C] What’s a typical week as an apprentice at Cardens?

I work part-time at Cardens during the week – two days bookkeeping and two days accounting – to assist with client work. Coming onboard during the pandemic was different but I feel like they have introduced me at the right speed even though I joined at a very busy period for accountants! The practical side at Cardens helps me with my college work for the rest of the week, and my college work helps to put the work at Cardens into a deeper context and understanding so I have learned so much already.

[C]How would you sell an apprenticeship to others?

[L] No university debt is a great benefit, plus gaining industry experience straight away. I feel like I am part of a team and I have met plenty of new people and contacts, so I am glad that I chose this route into finance.

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