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A Gift from Fruitdrop to the Cardens Offices

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You know what it’s like after Christmas, you have January blues which leads to February blues and really all you want to do all day is eat cake, chocolates and comfort food. That New Year’s resolution to eat healthier is out the window.

Longing for a healthier alternative and with Fruitdrop offering us a box of fresh fruit for a month as a free trial- we weren’t exactly going to say no.

It’s safe to say most of us are lucky to have 1 piece of fruit a day, let along 5 and it doesn’t help that the naughty draw (or in our case cupboard), is always calling you to come and have a biscuit, a chocolate bar or snack until the guilt sets in.

Having Fruitdrop for a month was a great replacement and actually increased the energy levels of our staff! Fruit deliveries were every Monday morning and helped get rid of our Monday blues. Every delivery an email would be sent out to staff letting them know that the Fruit had arrived. About ten seconds later a stampede would be storming down the stairs and into the main office to grab the good ones.

Naomi, Cardens Practice manager says: ‘Having fresh fruit delivered straight to the office was great and the Satsuma’s were my favourite!’


The great thing about Fruitdrop is their employees hand pick the best fruit from UK wholesale markets and pack it to their customers. That way you know you’re receiving the best quality fruit. The fruit itself was amazing, market-fresh and Juicy- sometimes we were even surprised at how big and colourful some of the pieces were. We lost that horrible sugar come down in the afternoon and gained all the natural vitamins.

The fruit gave us energy, tasted incredible and we could eat as much as we wanted- absolutely guilt free. The staff loved it- and the pesky naughty cupboard kept shut (most of the time).

Looks like this could be something we need to keep!


‘Great choice and excellent quality of fruit!’– Gemma Wall, ACCA Accountant

‘Fresh and Juicy- this needs to stay!’– Nina Scerri, Marketing and Admin Assistant

‘Loving the healthy snacks at work! All the fruit is making me look forward to summer!! ‘– Laura Mathias, Trainee Accountant

Top notch!’- Dawn Cook, Receptionist

For more information on FruitDrop visit their website here.

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