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Xero Me Guide: Payroll and expenses simplified

Xero Me is an app for employees of businesses that use Xero to process payroll. The great news is that employees can now use this app to also complete expense claims. Find out more in our Xero Me guide:


One of the major benefits of the new app is the ability to easily upload and manage expenses for employees. It is now easier to upload and allocate the expenses along with the attached receipts ready for approval. Making it a more efficient way of bringing in expenses to Xero and repaying to the relevant employee.

Payroll Processes

Employees can access their P60’s and monthly payslips from the app which should cut down time the payroll team have to spend answering questions from staff. You can also set up payroll processes such as adding in new staff members, submitting timesheets, submitting leave requests and updating staff personal information. The app also enables forms being filled in digitally allowing for further automation and speed in getting payroll information updated.

Further benefits of the Xero Me app include:

  • Increased data privacy, personal financial information is only available to the assigned employee
  • Different access permissions, allowing different level staff availability of certain features.
  • It also can use a phones multifactorial or biometrics security to ensure data is secured.
  • On the go access providing a more streamline availability to payroll and expenses information.
  • Communication between managers and employees with both able to provide requests between both parties in a secure confidential environment.

Xero Me is available on both the Apple App store and the Google Play store, this can then be integrated and linked with any Xero plan that includes Xero Payroll and/or Xero expenses.

Count On Cardens for Xero Me setup and integration

As always Cardens can provide assistance in setup and integration with Xero via contact at

Xero also has training and assistance on its support page which you can visit anytime.

  • Written by Mike Bates, Management Accountant at Cardens Accountants

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