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Xero Accounting App Updates: November 2020

We’ve noticed whilst watching the Xero accounting app product updates that they are really focusing on trying to bring the mobile experience of Xero in line with using a browser on your laptop or computer. They have recently announced some significant releases which should make it easier for you to do your bookkeeping on your mobile.

Here is a quick summary of the changes:

iOS – Find and match search:

You can now search and select multiple transactions when using the Find & Match feature, rather than just 1 item. For example, where you make one payment to a supplier for multiple bills.

iOS – Part payments:

Following on from the Find & Match updates on the Xero accounting app, you can now apply a part payment to a single invoice or bill during bank reconciliation.

Android – New Find & Match User Interface

Bringing the Android user interface in line with that of the IOS, a new Find & Match screen shows you the bank statement line and a list of transactions to match with.

Managing Xero App features

All of which allow for more accessibility to keep your bank reconciliation up to date where you may not have access to a computer.

Whilst the Xero accounting app functionality is quickly catching up to that of the online browser version, there are some features (such as managing Purchase Orders, Inventory, & Tracking Categories) that are not yet available in the app. Therefore, we recommend logging in to check & view your accounts at least once a month through your web browser, to ensure the data is accurate.

Cardens Accountants is a Xero Platinum Partner, so you will be in safe hands knowing that we have the experience and knowledge to help you get the most from Xero.

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