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What Is All The Fuss About Cloud Accounting?

Why we love Cloud Accounting

As a business owner you probably hear a lot of people raving about the “cloud”. Ever wonder if it’s something your business should be using? The cloud is completely changing how accountants work with their clients. So, I thought this would be a great topic to chat about here.

Cloud accounts packages, allows us to access client figures in real time and make changes to the live data. Traditionally, information from clients would have to be requested, which would be out of date by the time it was received, which would result to asking clients to make necessary adjustments.

Cloud accounting now means that accountants can be much more practical. So, clients can do some of the bookkeeping while we process the more complex transactions. I can also run off current information to discuss how well my client’s businesses are performing. I can then give up to date advice on anything from tax planning to business expansion plans.

Training Opportunities

Additionally, what is even more interesting, is that clients are now utilising their accountants to train and support them on how to adopt the accounts software. As a result, more business owners are now capable to do their own bookkeeping. This gives them efficient management decisions based on accurate figures with much greater visibility over their financials.

Cloud Accounting Bookkeeping

If you haven’t been sold already on adopting cloud software, you can also do bookkeeping and financial checks on the go. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can literally access your data from anywhere – although I don’t recommend doing this when you are meant to be enjoying a family holiday!

Get in touch!

As you can probably tell by now, I’m a big fan of the developments in cloud accounting! I’d love to talk to you on 01273 739592 to discuss more.

– Carol Rigby, Partner at Cardens Accountants


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