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Switching Accountants: What are you waiting for?

Switching accountants can be tricky, and in busy times it’s easier to avoid disruptions and keep your head down. But, could indecision be holding your business back from its full potential?

A relationship with your accountant can really be what you make it. Simple, compliance based, and a quick catch up at year end. Or a partnership: driving your business forward with ideas, discussions and planning. Or, anywhere in between.

But if you’re not feeling the excitement of opportunities with your current accountant, you may be equally unimpressed with the prospect of taking the leap to someone new. The stress, the upheaval, the cost.

Switching accountants is easier than you think

But let’s dispel that myth.

Much like many switching services, accountants deal with it for you. This leaves you can focus on your business and start having those conversations you’ve been missing out on.

It goes something like this:

You’re disappointed and left wanting from your accountant. You miss opportunities, perhaps you’re overpaying tax and just not seeing the progression you were hoping for.

You go window-shopping. You find Cardens Accountants with their big smiles and recommendations through word of mouth. You get excited about the hope of how your business could flourish as part of this team.

You feel brave – and sign on. You start the transfer across to Cardens – perhaps get some streamers or cake, that’s up to you. You let your accountant know that it’s time for a change. ‘No hard feelings, all the best!’

What happens when you switch to Cardens Accountants

Now it’s our bit.

We get to work preparing your proposal. You get an email so can read through what we will do for you, broken down clearly with costs explained. You think about it, briefly, then click accept.

From here you take a picture of your photo ID and set up your preferred payment method. You can also give us some handy extra details – the more we know, the more we can help – and we log that info your client record.

The switch is simple and straightforward

We get in touch with your current accountant and introduce ourselves. There is some information we will need transferred across. We get this directly from them, so you don’t have to dig around for old paperwork.

We also contact HMRC and Companies House if needed and update any addresses or contact details if required.

We agree a date at which we will take over as your advisors, and once all is in place, we are ready to go.

That’s it. There really is nothing holding you back from taking that big leap. Let’s go!

  • Written by Harriet Stewart FCCA – Systems Improvement Manager at Cardens Accountants


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