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Invoice Fetch: Fully automated invoice collection from Receipt Bank

Here at Cardens, we are big fans of Receipt Bank and we use this software on all our bookkeeping clients to collect invoices and receipts. We’ve been really impressed with the release of the new Invoice Fetch feature as now instead of us having to request paperwork from our clients and then they have to find & upload the invoices, we can directly link Receipt Bank to the suppliers’ online portals to download the digital invoices.

invoice fetch

Your online suppliers could be:

  • Utility providers
  • Phone providers
  • Internet providers…and more.

You set up Invoice Fetch by entering your online suppliers’ credentials in Receipt Bank and then going forward the system will check weekly for new invoices to pull into the Receipt Bank inbox for processing. There are over 2,000 suppliers who you can link to and you can click here for the list. This is great where you have recurring invoices such as utility or telephone bills.


Q. How does Receipt Bank work?

A. Receipt Bank converts those annoying bits of paper – receipts, bank statements, bills and invoices – into data that you and your company can use!

Q. What information does Receipt Bank extract from receipts and invoices?

A. The key data including the name of the supplier, the date, the invoice number, the currency, tax, the total amount and even more!

Q. How can my accountant view my data?

A. You can easily invite your accounting or bookkeeping firm to view your data at no extra cost. We’ve included an ‘Invite your accountant’ button on the homepage so you can easily invite and add your accountant to start collaborating.

Count On Cardens to set up Invoice Fetch

If you are interested in setting this up or starting to use Receipt Bank for your bookkeeping, then please contact your account manager at Cardens Accountants.

  • Written by Cardens Partner, Carol Rigby


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