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How to match purchase orders to invoices with Dext

Making bookkeeping simpler for clients is one of our main aims in the Cardens Management Accounts team. A new release from Dext (formerly Receipt Bank) now enables us to match purchase orders to invoices with ease.

New streamline process

The new update allows you to identify and match items within Dext to an existing purchase order in either Xero or Quickbooks. Dext lists all approved supplier purchase orders shown in Xero allowing for ease of matching. Once selected and the invoice has been published, the purchase order will be marked as billed in Xero. We have been really impressed with this ‘one-click’ feature as it reduces the need for ‘multi-click’ matching through Xero.

How do I match my purchase orders to invoices through Dext?

It’s super simple. When processing invoices through Dext you will see a new drop down below ‘Supplier’ called ‘Purchase Order’.


Click on this drop down and it will list any open purchase orders under that supplier.

Click on the related purchase order and this will automatically update and be marked as billed in your accounting software once the invoice is published.

If you need to check details on the purchase order, the handy eye icon (to the right of the drop down) links straight to the document in Xero. No more clicking through various pages and tabs trying to find the right one.

Purchase orders not showing? You just need to make sure that the suppliers name match across both software systems.

Count on Cardens

A simpler and smarter way to keep your bookkeeping up to date and tidy. What’s not to love!  

If you are interested in using Dext for your bookkeeping, then please contact your account manager at Cardens Accountants and we can get you set up with an account.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to Cardens, visit our Dext service page or get in touch at  01273 739592

  • Written by Cassie Jameson, Bookkeeper at Cardens Accountants


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