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Banking with Tide and Cardens Accountants

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If you enjoy waiting in queues, filling out paperwork and organising in-house meetings with your bank – Tide is not for you. If you’d like to save yourself time and money with your business banking, read on….

Tide aim to stop you wasting time on banking and admin and allow you to focus on what you love.

About Tide
Instant credit: access up to £150, 000 in under 2 minutes
Easy accounting: automatic tagging of all income & expenditure
Quick Invoicing: create & pay invoices without all the paperwork
Card Control: order new or freeze lost cards straight from the app

Decided to set up a business and need your bank account quickly? Or simply looking to switch ASAP? You can open a business current account with Tide in 5 minutes by simply downloading the Tide app on your phone. All you need to do is take a photo of your ID, take a selfie, and enter some basic information about yourself and your business. You will receive your sort code and account number straight away, so you don’t need to wait around to get started.

Both setting up and running a business can be daunting at times. Don’t worry though, Tide won’t charge you any alarming or unexpected bank fees, ever. It’s free to signup, free to use your card and there are no monthly, or annual fees. The only cost is 20p to send or receive money from a non-Tide account and £1 to withdraw cash from an ATM.

The app itself is packed with useful tools to save you time as well. If you’re worried about managing your spending, Tide have got it covered: the auto-categorisation tool allows you to see exactly where you’re spending (or over-spending). You can create and pay invoices straight from the app- no more waiting around to be paid. The world’s fastest business loan can be granted through the Tide app too, so you can start taking your business further, without any early repayment fees or impact on your credit score.

If you prefer to manage your accounts from your laptop or computer, no worries! Tide have an online desktop version of the Tide app, so you can log in and do your banking there too. (


Concerned over whether our modern business banking service is secure and reliable? Tide banking is fully secure. Tide’s financial services are provided by Prepaid Solutions (PPS), an FCA regulated company that operates with an e-money license. Consequently, Tide never touch or re-invest your funds, and these funds are held in an FCA-regulated ring-fenced account to keep your money safe.

Tide works directly with Cardens to save some of the back and forth between you and your accountant. Once you’ve agreed to it, they’ll have ongoing access to your transactional data, so you won’t be chased to send them your statements or transactions. If you sign up to Tide through Cardens, Tide will provide you with a bespoke banking service to ensure that you’re saving time and money day in, day out.

So why not check out Tide by clicking on this link –…usiness-advisors/


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